somewhere the moon is red


I, hallelujah, I
walked you
the center of
my sleep, 
where you 
only care for
me in dreams
I, hallelujah, I
almost found
somewhere the
rain puts out
the light, but
I don’t stop
driving. I,
hallelujah, I
found our 
bones on the
sidewalk where
the devil cries
and I cannot

dry your 

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Take a ride and
shut my mouth;
show me what
you’re all about.

Hello Ocean / Goodbye Land

watch me go
crawl beyond the
horizon and leak
into the night, blow
me kisses astray
in the salted air,

I’m here

less and less
nearer you are
my lighthouse,
my sober breath,
you vacant room
I left my things

I’m there

little lullaby
rocks my boat
I choose you to
guide me
eyes in

I’m here

hello ocean,
goodbye land
we left our guts
upon the sand,
a final word,
I wish you well
and myself not

I’m there

hello ocean
goodbye land,
I smell your body
upon my hand,
I’ll break my oar
against the
tide, goodbye.

  • we sit and marvel at other people’s accomplishments instead of conquering our fears and realising our own

  • we share videos and pictures of beautiful, strange places instead of discovering them ourselves

  • we text other people when we’re around our friends instead of turning our phone off and socialising with the people we’re actually physically around

  • we surround ourselves with music on public transport to avoid making conversations with strangers we might never see again

  • we compete for the better brand, the better technology and succumb to its features until we realise the brevity of its gimmicks

  • we squander our creativity by searching for inspiration on the internet or through others’ work when the most fascinating characters are real, undiscovered people that we will never meet by shutting ourselves off in a room at night

  • we post selfie after selfie without realising that our own unfulfilled esteem can never come from superficial approval

  • we bask in artificial light with the curtains closed and the window shut.

I am now
some waning
vessel you
on to,

your knees
you held me

led me astray
the flooded


she undressed
and lay beside me
we did not touch
just breathed
and stared at
the ceiling.


loved you
the earth
followed you
the stars

wondered you
were ocean
buried you
my heart.

Anonymous asked:
Sorry if you've already answered this, but what other poetry blogs would you recommend for people who enjoy your work?

I’ve answered before but I’ll copy paste :)

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there’s a good mix of different styles here but I recommend following them all for diversity :)

'Come here'

she said, as I stood before her,
cradled by the pale glow of the lamp shade, my flesh prickling at the
touch of her breath. Her eyes promised
that she would protect me, and blinked
slowly, inhaled my shaky exhales.
And I am here, naked, before her,
the most vulnerable I’ll ever be in
her eyes; my body, unraveled,
like the clothes across the carpet.

She caressed my thighs, with
careful fingertips: relax, relax, relax,
pushed out of her lips between
breathless sucking. She took me
in her mouth, swallowed me whole,
devoured, devoured, and licked it

Come here,
she said, and lay before me,
unenveloped, unopened,
and as I felt her flesh quake
against my tongue,
I realised she was as scared
as I, of somebody else tasting
her, of somebody else touching
where only she had touched,
of someone else’s fingers easing
their way inside of her. Allowing
her breath to merge with another’s
and bodies colliding as the lamp
shade flickered.

I lay across the bed,
“Come here”, I said.


I feel you slip
between my fingers

my tongue 
manipulates you
as stone

across water.

I have so much self doubt